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Cx2 SMART Watch integration

The first Cx2 SMART Watch links to the HUB.


The CROWDED EVENTS flagship platform, CROWDHUBxcomes alive as the first Cx2 SMART watch links directly to the hub. For the whole team who have worked so hard to pull both elements together, this link sees the system work as one.

Cx2 & CROWDHUBx first integration
Cx2 & CROWDHUBx first integration


CROWDED EVENTS have had their team in Pakistan working for over 6 months developing a platform that is user friendly and function centric to ensure it’s a best in class platform. Combining this work with our parallel team in China bringing together style, looks and usability in our Cx2 SMART Watch has been a huge success. To bring these together for the first time and their compatibility be seamless was the best outcome. CROWDHUBx is alive and the whole team should take a bow.


“For our first Cx2 SMART Watch and our CROWDHUBx platform to be in such unison with a unique remote development process is amazing. Doing this with cross global teams was testament on how well everyone is pulling together and communicating to build the most successful end to end workforce support platform on the market”.

Kirsty McIntyre – Head of System Development

Cx2 SMART watch renders
Cx2 SMART watch renders


CROWDED EVENTS is pleased to have a team that is driven to succeed, passionate about technology and steadfast in helping workforce feel supported in any event, business they operate within.

Cx2 SMART watch renders
Cx2 SMART watch renders


Events and businesses share a passion in wanting to deliver excellence and at CROWDED EVENTS, we pride ourselves on having the same ambition. We appreciate a business is only as good as their workforce, so we must look after them. We want to give them the confidence that any organisation cares for them, wants to help them and ultimately, they feel supported. This integration proves the CROWDED EVENTS concept, and the use case stretches far and wide.

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