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CROWDTONIC is our very own Event Staffing Platform. From being able to hold a database of trusted freelancers and employees, their recruitment and onboarding, to being able to track who is working each project, CROWDTONIC is the Event Staffing Platform of the future. CROWDTONIC was built to help manage the CROWDEDEVENTS pool of consultants and freelancers. Its development has been so effective for us, we now bring it to the open market allowing each agency and client to tailor their own dashboards and manage their staff with complete ease.

Building your staffing database is the key to your businesses success, ours too. We always had a black book of names who were our top freelancers, the crème dela crème of our resourcing. Now, instead of that black book, you can rely on CROWDTONIC to hold all your most valuable candidates whether its 10 or 10,000.

We’ve even made it easy to transition to our platform with a simple upload feature should you want to move away from spreadsheets.


CROWDTONIC is full of features however below we have chosen to summerise and highlight in which areas we can help your business manage their resources in a more rounded fashion:


CROWDTONIC has been built to support your business, we know this as at CROWDEDEVENTS, we used this as our own management platform to manage our own talent. Having a platform that has worked for us and now is open to the market gives us complete confidence on its ability to help business make better use of their staff, management, communications, business acumen, resources, skillsets and projects.

As summerised above, CROWDTONIC has several key features. Some of these are in greater detail below:


Two way communication with your teams once deployed is key. Changes to shift times, days or even to communicate problems, the CROWDTONIC platform allows both Admins and Candidates to speak openly with everyone on that project.


Admins can post jobs to the Job Board to allow those candidates on the database to apply, monitor and retract applications.


Admins can log candidates on the platform, you can openly invite them to join or even let them join without any prompting.

The CROWDTONIC is built to be easy to navigate for both the candidates and the admins managing projects.


Candidates can easily upload key information to their profiles, this includes basic contact information, social media handles and references through to hash tagging their profile allowing admins to easily search by keywords.

Candidates can also upload their own CV for admins to review should they want to provide greater detail.


As an Admin, you can administer your account as you need. If you need more capacity on your server than it’s a simple click away from an upgrade.


Admins and candidates can see key data at their finger tips. From Jobs applied for to total candidates broken down by hashtags, qualifications, languages, rating and even gender, CROWDTONIC can allow a quick view of your current status.


Admins can ensure their candidates have completed all administration prior to working. This includes mutual non disclosure agreements, VAT declarations, and contracts.

If you feel you would like more information on CROWDTONIC, or the platform is right for you, please get in touch below: