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It ‘sounded’ like a good idea at the time

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It ‘sounded’ like a good idea at the time


CROWDEDEVENTS forms a collaboration alongside the WithFeeling team to help bring their audio brand to life.

Becoming more and more well known for the vibrant pink that seems to occupy social media, CROWDEDEVENTS Founder, James Mildenhall decides it’s not just time the world sees the business, but they should hear it too….Cue the WithFeeling team!

WithFeeling have a great story and follow a very similar path to that of CROWDEDEVENTS. WithFeeling is a legacy start up off the back of the successful Expo 2020 and they now look to continue their journey bringing the WithFeeling company to life. Much like CROWDEDEVENTS, WithFeeling has the passion, drive, and determination to stamp a strong mark on the industry which, for the individuals behind these start-ups, were rightfully applauded during Expo.

James Mildenhall, The CROWDEDEVENTS Founder, goes onto say “To share the same journey, having been with Expo for 5 years, and seeing how Chris [WithFeeling Co-Founder] goes about his work was just brilliant. The values he holds dear are not just a front and figurehead, he lives and works by them. His care, empathy, and support towards a brand is something we harness and cherish within the Crowded Family. A real pleasure to see another company utilising the power of intangible power words [passion, care, empathy & support] to bring something to life”.

Having such a reputable company as WithFeeling supporting the CROWDEDEVENTS requirements, looks like they are in safe hands when developing their visual and audio brand.


A brand is a sensory experience

Audio impacting a brand is something that CROWDEDEVENTS has never really considered, but, a brand is really a battle of 3 core senses, what you see, what you hear and the services you provide become what you can touch.

Chris, WithFeeling Co -Founder goes onto say “The first steps in creating the Audio Identity for Crowded Events was to get to know the company, understand what they do, and get a good idea of the aesthetic that they project through their website and any media/content”


CROWDEDEVENTS appreciate the way in which brands are modernising their ‘look & feel’. In marketing, you often hear a brand before seeing them. You get to know a brand based on the jingle or specific tag line and that’s where CROWDEDEVENTS felt a huge amount of value can be added.



Whether you value the audio brand or not, the WithFeeling team clearly know their stuff. The process, from conceptual ideas to understanding the values and business to then actively apply this to their music was brilliant.

“Having a business not just talk about values but actually ‘walk the corridors’ and stand tall by them was so refreshing. Where I felt my feedback was negative and unhelpful, the WithFeeling team drew positives from it and found the open two way communications easy to channel ideas and come out with the final product”

James Mildenhall – CROWDEDEVENTS, Founder and Managing Director

The end result is CROWDEDEVENTS have a bespoke sonic audio brand, a new unveiling of their logo with a intro and outro that you recognise. They also have a long audio track that can support in the deployment of educational animation videos and future PR opportunities.



Joe, WithFeeling – Co-Founder, describes the approach for CROWDEDEVENTS

“ We focused on creating a soundscape of organic instrumentation to represent the human element which James prides himself on (piano/vocal pads…) and used electronic elements to represent the technology side which the company is championing (glitchy drums/synths…)

Another device used in the track/Sonic was some very subtle crowd claps, cheers and other general ambient noises to subliminally suggest the sector we are dealing with.

The sonic itself is a blend of electronic swells and crisp pianos. harmonically it has a slightly serious tone, but the melodic shape is mostly upward to give it a nice resolved feel. It naturally has to be super catchy and we are very happy with how it turned out.”

It didn’t just sound like a good idea, it was a good idea.

If you need a brand audio identity (or anything more for that matter), we cannot recommend these guys enough… www.WithFeeling.com

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