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“Challenge the status quo”

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CrowdWRK overview

The CrowdWRK platform is a workforce management platform tailored to help clients manage their teams. It’s a platform that’s been built to provide a two way portal allowing colleagues, whether paid, contracted or volunteers, to be up to date with their Assignment, Rosters and Deployment.

CrowdWRK has been built to help businesses easily understand their workforce requirements, can be adaptable to work for your particular business requirements and is the centralised hub to see the business headcount planning.

With CrowdWRK, we can meet the requirements of the small more niche boutique events with smaller amount of stakeholders, but can scale to operate in the major event world with multiple stakeholders both internal and external but also functions and departments.

Benefits of CrowdWRK

Headcount Management

Over time, business demand changes due to a number of factors e.g. scope. CrowdWRK allows organisations to formally track review cycles, highlighting changes and ensuring the right workforce roles and quantity are captured

Registration & Talent Management

Managing a live workforce database can be challenging due to the amount of personal information held and ensuring its always kept up-to-date. CrowdWRK through its centralised database allows data to be collected and tracked easily in addition to allowing an individual workforce member’s performance on previous roles to be captured.

Role Assignment

Ensuring you have the right people in the right roles is crucial for any project to succeed. CrowdWRKthrough the information captured during the registration stage and performance rating on previous roles will make recommendations on the most suitable workforce member for a role, to aid the decision making process.

Scheduling Management

Ensuring your workforce are in the right place at the right time relies on perfect schedules and rosters. CrowdWRKcan allow teams to build out their own schedules, then display them is an easily read visual dashboard.

Manage Worker Welfare

Workforce is the foundation on how every business operates, whether it is made up of Paid Staff , Contractors or Volunteers. CrowdWRK ensures your teams are not overworked, fatigued and have a set working schedule that can be monitored.


CrowdWRK provides a number of communication channels to ensure your workforce are always kept informed. This ranges from mass communication of key operational messages to specific notifications to an individual e.g. changes to working location & hours.

See how CrowdWRK & CROWDHUBx can come together to provide an end to end workforce super platform.