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“Challenge the status quo”

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Crowdlytics overview

The team have been involved with many international mega events. On this journey across globe, the crowd management industry has always been one where the training and foundation knowledge of Crowd Management is applied in different ways and to different depths.

Crowdlytics transforms the way public spaces are managed and interacted with, utilising cutting-edge artificial intelligence and real-time analytics. The Crowdlytics key pillars are:

  • Analytics & People Counting
  • Visitation Analysis
  • Occupancy Monitoring
  • Heat Mapping & Space Utilisation
  • Workforce & Uniform Identification
  • Demographic Identification
  • Queue & Dwell Time Monitoring
  • Dashboards & Reporting

Our permanent deployment across Expo City Dubai and COP28 event showcases Crowdlytics as a unique crowd management solution for events, venues as well as larger districts.

How does Crowdllytics work?

Crowdlytics revolutionises the management and interaction of public spaces by leveraging advanced artificial intelligence and real-time analytics. By implementing intelligent crowd analytics solutions for CCTV camera feeds, we aim to make public spaces more organised, efficient, and secure.

Real-time data enables the resolution of bottlenecks, while advanced analytics empower organisations to optimise space utilisation, enhance safety, and improve the overall user experience. By transforming video feeds into actionable insights, we facilitate smarter, more efficient management of public spaces.

Crowdlytics provides real-time insights for optimised operations, visitor analytics, infrastructure monitoring, streamlined security, and accurate crowd counting and visualisation.

Crowdlytics possesses the capability to comprehensively monitor individuals throughout their entire journey, from their initial entry to your site to their eventual exit. It can effectively track queue duration and length, as well as monitor their interactions with the space. This functionality proves particularly valuable when assessing spatial dynamics and predicting the flow of individuals who are still waiting to access certain areas, along with their spatial distribution.

Furthermore, Crowdlytics can generate detailed reports showcasing the popularity of various spaces, venues, or facilities among your visitors. It can also offer insights into the total visitor dwell time, allowing for a nuanced understanding of the venue’s ebbs and flows. This valuable data feeds into strategic planning and facilitates the creation of forecasted data regarding arrival and departure patterns.

The following journey example illustrates how the Crowdlytics platform can furnish essential metrics against activities within any given site:

Crowdlytics enables you to gain insights into your space, with a primary focus on understanding the visitor journey, which we beleive is crucial to enhancing the overall experience.

With Crowdlytics, we dive into the touchpoints, gather essential metrics which keep you informed, and recognise the variations in the visitor journey across different clients groups, venues, sites, and cities.

As an example, the image below illustrates some of the key activities we aim to capture throughout our example visitor journey.

Visitor Journey

Why do I need Crowdllytics?

Crowd safety is vastly becoming a ‘hot’ topic around event planning and operational delivery. Whether its applied in sporting events, through to concerts into urban planning, the ability to plan, operate and mitigate against potential crowd issues is becoming increasingly challenging..

Crowdlytics aims to give decision makers the ability to view in real time what their ‘venue / space’ is doing. Keeping their finger on the pulse of crowd flow and their behaviours.

With a functionality such as:

Crowd Counting

Visitation Analysis

Crowd Flow


Workforce Identification

Heat Maps


Queue Dwell Time

What does this mean?

Our innovative technology encompasses several key features tailored to diverse environments. With our proprietary models, we can precisely detect, track, and count individuals in both sparse and highly crowded settings, ensuring accurate headcounts regardless of human flow or spatial changes. Moreover, our system can detect and count people even through physical barriers, guaranteeing precise analytics in complex environments. By monitoring entry and exit points such as doors and corridors, we provide critical data on traffic flow and peak usage times. Additionally, our technology excels in counting individuals in large open-plan areas with multiple access routes, ensuring comprehensive coverage and precise data collection. We also offer zone-specific counting capabilities, providing detailed insights into space utilization within specific areas such as restrooms or workforce buildings. Lastly, our system is adept at accurately counting individuals in crowded areas, making it ideal for events, transportation hubs, and other high-traffic locations.

Our visitation analysis platform goes beyond mere tracking, providing comprehensive insights into visitor behaviour and trends. By analysing visitor patterns, frequency, and duration, we gain valuable insights that inform strategic decisions regarding space layout and service optimisation. This data-driven approach enables us to enhance visitor experiences, optimise resource allocation, and ultimately improve overall operational efficiency. Whether it’s identifying peak visitation times or understanding visitor preferences, our analysis empowers organisations to make informed decisions that drive success.

Our Crowd Flow solution meticulously monitors and analyses the movement patterns of individuals navigating through the site. By tracking and studying how people move throughout the space, we gain invaluable insights that allow us to optimise traffic flow, minimise congestion, and elevate the overall user experience. Through real-time analysis and strategic interventions, we can identify bottlenecks, streamline pathways, and implement crowd management strategies to ensure smooth and efficient movement. Whether it’s a bustling event venue or a busy urban environment, our Crowd Flow solution empowers organisations to create safer, more enjoyable spaces for everyone.

Our venue or space occupancy feature provides real-time tracking of occupancy levels, offering insights to ensure the optimal utilisation of space while maintaining compliance with safety regulations. By continuously monitoring occupancy levels, organisations can effectively manage crowd density, preventing overcrowding and maintaining a safe environment for all occupants. This feature empowers venue managers to make informed decisions, such as implementing crowd control measures or adjusting capacity limits in response to fluctuations in attendance. With the ability to monitor occupancy levels in real-time, organisations can proactively address potential safety concerns and enhance the overall experience.

The Workforce Identification module within our system enables the identification and monitoring of various client groups, including workforce personnel. This feature allows for the seamless tracking of client groups to understand the split of site occupancy. In environments where being able to identify staff like security and Stewards, this functionality proves invaluable.

The Heatmaps feature generates visual representations of visitor density, illustrating areas of both high and low activity within a space. This tool is indispensable for gaining insights into the utilisation patterns of different areas, discerning popular zones from underutilised ones, and facilitating data-driven decisions to optimise space design and functionality. Additionally, Heatmaps analyse the temporal utilisation of various space segments over time, offering valuable insights that can inform layout adjustments, resource allocation decisions, and overarching space management. By visualising visitor density and tracking usage trends, organisations can effectively tailor their spaces to meet evolving needs and enhance overall user experience.

The Demographics module is integral to our platform, as it effectively distinguishes between diverse demographic groups, including gender and age categories such as children. This capability provides insights for customising services and facilities to cater to the specific needs and preferences of different user groups. By accurately identifying demographic characteristics, organisations can tailor their offerings to enhance user experiences and ensure inclusivity across various segments of their audience.

The Queue & Dwell Time module is an essential component of our system, as it accurately measures the amount of time individuals spend in queues and specific areas. By capturing this data, it offers valuable insights into service efficiency and customer experience. This feature enables organisations to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies, allowing them to optimise queue management and area service for enhanced operational performance and improved overall customer satisfaction.